Real Estate Sales Letters

Real Estate Sales Letters can do wonderful things for your business.  First, you can save lots of time using pre-written letters.  

Real Estate Sales Letters

Secondly, you van purchase and begin using them in minutes, with little to no need for modifications.  Thirdly, they're affordable and easy to use.

Writing letters are just one of the many tasks you do every day.  If you  aren't  mailing letters on a consistent basis then maybe you should be, as writing letters is a proven way to establish a name for yourself while generating leads at th same time. 

Taking the time to write a good cover letter can pay off in the long run, especially when you're trying to establish a replenishing source of real estate leads - whether they're buyers, sellers, investors, developers, etc.

What can a good real estate sales letter do? You can  introduce your business services and listings through letters, make a sales pitch and provide a call to action. You can also arouse interest and curiosity via real estate letters, enticing the recipients to read through the rest of your material.

How To Write Effective Real Estate Sales Letters... Quick and Easy

Real Estate Sales Letters

  1. Always address your letter to a specific person. Make sure you spell their name right. This is a simple thing, but you'll be surprised at the number of agents who underestimate the importance of using a person's name, and of spelling it correctly.
  2. Use a "block" letter format, with text justified to the left and double spaced paragraphs. Have someone proofread your letter for spelling and grammatical errors.  
  3. Keep your letter short -- no more than one page. The longer the letter, the less effective it is. This paragraph is your sales pitch, so make it count. Focus on what makes you different from the competition, or why the reader should say yes.
  4. In your first paragraph, let the reader know why you are writing. Perhaps you're writing to introduce yourself, so tell them that. 
  5. In your second paragraph, ask for what you want. If you're asking for to meet them to discuss their real estate needs, make sure you clearly state it. Keep your letter factual; professional, brief and to the point. 
  6. Your fourth paragraph is your "call to action." This paragraph needs to be more than just thanking the reader for taking the time to read your letter. What specifically do you want them to do next? 
  7. Your promise. This can be included in the fourth paragraph, or depending on the type of cover letter you're writing, you can make it your P.S.

    This is how you will keep the lines of communication open. It tells your reader what you will do next.

    Are you going to call him? Will you be meeting again?

    Whatever you are going to do, make it specific and time oriented, so that the reader knows he has to do whatever you've asked him to do within a certain amount of time. (Make sure that you follow up exactly how and when you say you will). 

Finally, make it easy for the reader to get in touch with you if you have questions. Include your phone number and/or email address in the last sentence, and let them know that they should call you if they have any questions.

Just so you'll know, I rarely use all of these ideas in one letter.  Instead I use many of them in lots of letters to generate the tone and flow that feel right to me.  You can do the same.

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