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yes property price down, more crime
by: Anonymous

yes for some one that has lived where there is low income housing i would pay more to live in a place with out low income houseing its a joke. more crime and most of it comes from that place.

Neighborhood Crime Rates
by: Lanard

Okay. I'm going to walk right into this one with eyes wide shut.

You asked "I need to know if 'low income' apartments bring down the value of your house?" The answer is maybe, but not necessarily...and if you substitute "lower priced homes" for "low income apartments" the answer would still be the same.

Generally speaking, if you have a neighborhood where homes sell for $1,00,000.00 and a newer subdivision of $2,000,0000.00 was built the property values of the $1,000,000.00 homes would increase.

Conversely, if you built a new subdivision of $450,000.00 homes near that same $1,000,000.00 homes I dare say that the property values could decrease. However, there are far too many variables to give a definitive yes, or no to this question!

For example, I've known some low income apartments that were better kept than homes around them that actually increased the appeal and value of the surrounding homes.

You also asked ... "is there a website or documentation that shows if the city or whoever has done any research on crime rate around 'low income' apartments/housing?"

There are several websites where you can go to get crime rate reports and stats in San Jose, CA. One link is located here...

You can also get crime reports from the FBI website. Here's the link...

If you don't find what you're looking I suggest that you pick up the phone, call the San Diego Police Department and ask them if they keep track of the information you're looking for.

Good Luck.

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