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Get Response's Free Email Marketing Software Makes Email Marketing Easy.  It markets itself as the worlds easiest software to use and touts that within a few minutes of using it you can create stunning newsletters and landing pages.

They're right! I started Email Marketing in 2005 and what I lacked in knowledge I made up for with a commitment to succeed.  My focus was two things:

1) to make my first thousand dollars selling my products and services online (Yea, I did it!)...and

2) to grow my email marketing subscriber list to one thousand subscribers ( I did that, too; and actually had nearly 3800 subscribers when I was at my busiest)

...and I did it with Get Response - stng with it's FREE Trial!

Perfect For Beginners and Pros
One of the best things about Get Response Auto responders is that that they're easy to use.  How easy?  Well you you can decide for yourself through a Free Use Period, but from my perspective they're Super Easy! 

Also, you don't have to worry about messing something up, because if you make a mistake you can correct it then, or later; or, you can delete it altogether and start over again.

I used the Free Version for a couple of weeks, but learned to use the system so quickly I upgraded to the Pro Version in short order. 

The Trial Version is good, but it serves up Sponsor Ads that you'll have absolutely no control over.  That's okay as long as you're not going for the professional look like I was.  Plus, the Pro Version is so affordable there's no reason to not upgrade to it.

World's Easiest Email Marketing?
I think so!  I've used 3-4 services and non compare with the ase of use offered by Get Response.  Plus, whenever I had technical questions they were always responsive to my needs.  I speak in the past tense because I've not had any problems, issues or concerns in years. 

Wrapping Things Up
There are few software programs or services that can help you generate leads to the extent that Email Marketing Campaigns can...and with Get Response in particular.  With it's diversity of templates, edit functions, ability to integrate with social media platforms and ease of use you have a near unlimited opportunity for all the success you can dream.

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