Real Estate Investment Opportunity Article

Real Estate Investment Opportunity Article. There's a huge inventory of unsold homes on the market.  Prices are down and the mortgage industry is in

shambles.  Consequently, there are fewer real estate transactions. 

Things couldn't be better - at least for investors!  The things that make it terrible for buyers and sellers are the exact same things that make it ideal for investors.

Sellers are forced to compete for fewer buyers and are in some instances motivated to do whatever it takes to sell their properties, which leads to increased opportunities for creative financing purchases; things like take back mortgages, lease options, lease purchases and rent to own agreements.

But opportunities also abound for investments in Real Estate Tax Liens. Some argue that high-yielding and real estate secured tax lien certificates are superior to other more traditional investments. You can certainly leverage a lot of real estate with relatively little money. 

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Below are several real estate investment opportunity articles for your reading and learning pleasure.  I think they're well written and very informative.  What do you think?

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