Real Estate Newsletter Ideas - Five Ideas To Get You Going

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Real Estate Web Site Content  Is Versatile!  Are you?

Real Estate Web Site Content Is Versatile! Are you?

Arguably, some of the best real estate newsletter ideas are the simplest ones. Here are five ideas. Start by dividing your newsletter into the following Five Sections:

Agent's Corner - this is a place where you can talk about anything that you'd like to. You can make it as long or as short as you'd like. However, I'd limit it to a paragraph or two in the beginning and use it as a way to say hello and thank your subscribers for reading your newsletter.

Buyers - cut and paste at least one buyer report monthly. How to buy for little money down, purchasing FHA or VA and "ways to buy for less than rent" are popular reports that buyers love.

Sellers - provide at least one article specific to helping sellers sell their homes; including information on "staging homes", closing costs, why they should or shouldn't do business with a Realtor, etc.

The Real Estate Market - include a recent article on the state of the real estate market. You can always go to a news feed like and pull up a real estate article. Do a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the article and then provide a link to the full article from your web site.

Community News - gather a list of activities that are going in your city/farming area. Ask your readers to submit contributions; open houses, garage sales, bake sales, block parties, etc. This could catch on like crazy and you could receive a constant stream of information for your newsletter.

Advertise - have a space for ads. At first you could allow people to advertise for free, just to get the ball rolling; but you could also charge money for it once you have a large readership. Whose o say that you shouldn't have your newsletter generate a secondary source of income.

That's it - five real estate newsletter ideas (okay, so I can't count - it's really six ) to help you attract and grow a large subscriber base. And once you have subscribers they become your best prospects for converting to income generating customers.

Need some content for the agent's corner, buyer and/or seller sections? Then take a look at this .

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