Expired Listings Scripts; Their Value Remains The Same

Expired Listings Scripts. Real Estate Marketing Talk is loaded with information about expired listings. Type it into the search box and you'll get more than 970 results. Here's a look at some of the major pages.

Expired Listing Marketing - I'm an energetic guy, but I'm a very lazy marketer! And I'm proud to say it. I'm always searching for strategies, products and services that will help me generate more leads in the fastest amount of time, but with the least amount of effort.Want to guess what my favorite strategy is? Read more...

Expired Listing Postcard Campaigns - If you know what a Postcard Marketing Campaign can do for you you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. Instead, you'd be working your campaign. Postcards are more effective than letter campaigns in the sense that their messages are seen when people open up their mail boxes and take them out; or when they open up their email messages if your sending them via email. Read more to discover the opportunities that await you. Read more...

Letters To Expired Listings - Tired of "cold calling". I quit "cold calling" altogether after a few months of mailing these letters because there was no need to. People started calling me. Read more...

Real Estate Marketing Tip #6 The many reasons that I find farming expired listings appealing include 1) the owners are usually realtor friendly; 2) you know where and how to find them, 3) they lend themselves to automated marketing strategies, etc. Read more...


Here's an article I wrote back in 2005 about why Expired Listings Scripts were some of the best leads to go after even then. The same applies in today's market.

The Best Way To Get Real Estate Listings - Central New York Real ...


A system that some work to near perfection focuses on Expired Real Estate Listings, which are a great source of leads. ... In seconds you'll have a complete update of all the expired listings for any time frame you want.

Here's a FREE Webinar on the subject that you might be interested. I haven't participated in it, so I can't tell you if it's good or not. So, you'll have to decide whether it's worth risking the time to listen in on it. Here's the information...

FREE Webinar: Expired Listings! | Homes.com Corporate


FREE Webinar: Expired Listings! (2010-10-11 09:34:27): Expired Listings: Scripts, Strategies and Tools that Guarantee Success Download this FREE Webinar today! Join us for the next edition of the Secrets of Top Selling ...

Here's the last Expired Listings Scripts article. Enjoy!

How to Dominate Expired Listings - Real Estate Toolbox


How to Dominate Expired Listings. This is the highest-impact method of obtaining listings in real estate. There is not a better, easier, less expensive way to get listings. The first six months that I was in real estate, I went around in circles chasing ...

Here's The Expired Listing System I Used

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The most successful real estate agents have lots of listings, and although getting them is easier said than done, it's relatively easy to do - at least with the right system it is! One system that works to near perfection is the Farming Expired Listings System, with letters. Learn how it can boost your business, too!

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Expired Listing System

Need Listings? I averaged 2 Plus Listing a Week Farming Expired Listings with This Listing System...and It Was Easy To Do!

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