Flip A House; Can You Make Money Doing It?

Want to learn how to Flip A House and Make Money? 

It can be done, but you better make sure you know what you're doing, or you can lose a lot of money. 

The late night Info commercials make quick flip real estate deals seem common and easy, which isn't necessarily true. 

But that's what commercials do - they sell you on whatever product is being marketed.

It's possible, because I've done it many times and was in fact a full time real estate investor at one time that did nothing but what I wanted to do! I learned how to find houses, where to find loans to buy and flip them and where to find buyers for them.

Learn To Flip Real Estate  
I learned a lot about how to flip real estate by watching a flip this house television show, no specific one...but any fix and flip house show that happened to be on at the time.  The name of the show was unimportant to me.  I was single minded about the tips, techniques and strategies being taught. Those house flip tips fueled my excitement and started me to thinking that I could flip houses, too. 

However, I didn't learn all that I know from just tv shows- far from it.  I also took a self study flipping real estate course...several to be specific.  Since I knew absolutely nothing about flipping real estate I wanted to learn as much as I could to help insure my success.  Plus, I was pretty poor and didn't have money to invest in real estate, or to lose if I borrowed it. 

I also checked out books from the library, talked to friends and co-workers who were buying and selling real estate and took note of what the real estate investors in my community were doing. Still, that first flipping property course was a critical first step when it came to learning about real estate, flipping homes, etc.    

Flip A House Real Estate Investment Courses and Seminars 
And there were even more learning resources.  For example, I got some of my best house flipping tips from real estate investment seminars where I learned concepts like "buyer brokering", "sandwich leases", "no money down" purchases, "100% financing", "simultaneous closings", how to buy a property and "walk away from the closing with cash", etc. 

As you might imagine I didn't learn all of these things at once and certainly didn't use them at the same time, but each one created a different way of funneling homes, houses, land, buyers, sellers, investors and seller real estate agents into my lead funnel that churned one deal after another.

Make Money Flipping Real Estate  
If you haven't flipped a house yet you're in for a real treat.  There are few things as intoxicating as: buying a house and getting paid at the closing, a fast flip real estate deal where you close fast and have little money and time in the project, having a real estate agent give you free unsolicited leads wher you make $15,000 - $20,000 on - each, or when you can flip a house and take a month off and not have to worry about it.  

It's really not complicated when you know how to do it, especially in today's market where foreclosures and bank owned properties are at  historical highs; short sales are common; and you can find deals by accident.  However, that doesn't mean that flipping propety is like a casual stroll in the park. 

You better know what you're doing and that includes surrounding yourself with a team of professionals who can contribute to your success by giving good, sound, ethical and legal advice.  At a minimum your team should consist of an attorney, a title company, a real estate agent, several different contractors, an appraiser, a surveyor, a home owner insurance agent, and a pest control company for termite inspections.  You also want to have a list of subcontractors that include an electrician, a plumber, carpenter, a roofer, a heating and air contractor. 

Do Your Homework  Before Attempting To Flip A House
Hopefully you can see that a decision to fix and flip houses is a process that takes a lot of studying and preparation.  And although you may hear less about flipping real estate in today's economy than in years past there are still opportunities to make money flipping houses; especially for first time homeowners who are willing to buy, move in, fix and flip when the housing market turns around.  You have to live somewhere, right?  So, why not flip a house after living in it for awhile?

Exit flip a house - click here to learn more about flipping real estate.

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