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New Generation Real Estate Marketing - want to sell a listing that's been difficult to sell? Market it via a virtual tour. You may be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to make...and the price is surprisingly affordable.

The idea is simple; upload pictures of your listings to a host website and sequence the pictures in the order that you want them to appear. Then have agents and prospects log onto their computers and click on links that bring up your tours.

In some instances the viewers will be able to manipulate the tour much like they would a dvd player.

They can freeze frame, rewind, fast forward and stop the virtual tours - all from the comfort of their offices, homes, or wherever they can access a computer hooked up to the internet.

Of course every company is different, but are easily found by Googling "video tours." One company, , has four beautiful demos with prices starting at an amazingly low $9.00.

Heres another Video Tour company to consider

Below are a few other strategies that have changed the way agents market real estate.

Stepping Outside the Box

Internet marketing has morphed into content based Realtor websites, sequential autoresponders, newsletters and the like. Following are a few thoughts about each.

Realtor Websites . If you're not online with a website you're seriously behind the times. Millions of people log onto the Internet every day, looking for services.

Some are looking for products and services that you offer - real estate. Of course, they won't find you if you don't have a website and if you do have one they may not find you if it's poorly optimized.

So, let me help you out. Snap out of. Either get a website that generates leads, or forget about having one at all.

Sequential Autoresponders . Autoresponders are powerful email marketing programs that automate a lot of your email chores. They do what the name suggests - which is automatically respond to requests for information.

The idea behind them is to offer free information in exchange for a person's email address. Once you have it you can then provide follow up messages forever, all the while gently nudging them towards your most wanted response.

In some instances the most wanted response might be for them to call you to make an appointment to see a home, while other times it might be to list a property with you.

Whatever it is sequential autoresponders can't be beat for efficiency and effectiveness.

Newsletters . Some agents are still snail mailing newsletters and at 41 cents a pop their mailing expenses alone would amount to $205.00 in postage. Now, compare that to zero cost in postage if they were to email the same document.

That's right - emailing the same information is free. So, why aren't more agents doing it?

In part it's because they don't understand the technology, which really isn't all that hard to understand. Plus, like most people they are slow to embrace change.

Procrastinators be warned!  Agents who have embraced these New Generation Real Estate Marketing ideas are carving out a large piece of the online marketing action at the expense of agents content with trying to maintain the status quo.

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