Real Estate Marketing Tip #1; Automate Emailing Chores With A Sequential Autoresponder

by Lanard Perry

AKA Drip Mail Campaigns

AKA Drip Mail Campaigns

I've talked to hundreds of real estate agents over the last couple of years and very few of them knew what a Sequential Autoresponders is, and the few that did knew of them by another name - "drip campaigns".

Essentially, a sequential autoresponder is an email script that automatically responds when people send email messages to it. It's the same thing as your out of the office reply on your office computer.

A difference is that with a sequential auto responder you can set up a series of different real estate email markeing campaigns to repeatedly send messages to prospects wanting you to provide additional information, prospects who get who get added to your emailing list - and getting subscribers and Building a Mailing List of folk you can send follow up email message campaigns to is the name of the game.

Another good thing about them is that you can get FREE Trial Subscriptions to get the hang of it before you ever invest one thin dime.

Following is the one that I've been using since around 2005. You can try it for FREE, but that comes with ads that detract from the professional image you want to project. Still, you get to try it out with no cost to see how it works.

If you do later decide to sign up for the professional monthly service without the ads the cost runs less than $20.00 per month. It's a great bargain considering the many features you'll have access to. Go ahead...try it out.

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