Start Building a Mailing List

by Lanard

Real Estate Marketing Tips #2; Start Building An Email List Today

Real Estate Marketing Tips #2; Start Building An Email List Today

Start building a mailing list. One comprised of physical home addresses is better than none at all, but a mailing list of email addresses is ultimately better, faster and cheaper.

With email messages you can hit the send button and mail messages to your entire mailing list...instantly; and and for a fraction of what mailing via direct mail will cost.

As an example, mailing 100 letters would cost you $49.00, plus the cost of paper and envelopes. Emailing the same recipients will cost you nothing.

Real Estate Email Marketing is becoming increasingly popular for this and many other reasons, even though Realtors and agents still tend to under-utilize it as a consistent marketing strategy.

Its' near instantaneous deliver capability will enable you to quickly build your "brand of one" a lot faster than snail mail campaigns. You can also engage in repetitive marketing more often via email marketing than through snail mail marketing.

If you have a conventional mailing list you ought to consider converting it to an email list. You can do this by simply offering something of perceived value and requiring those who are interested in receiving it to do so via email. You can convert many of them through similar, repeated mailings and offerings.

As online marketers say, you can't make money without a list...and in this instance the list would be the same as leads. No leads = no leads, listings or sales.

Do you have an email list? If not, there's no better time to start building one than there is right now.

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