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There are a number of companies that provide Email Marketing Lists.  Following are a few of them that I'm familiar with. First up is...

eCampaignPros - This is one of a few services that specializes in working with real estate agents.  It is also one of the few that  allow companies that provide products and services to Realtors to utilize their services. 

All told they have approximately 1.1 Million Real Estate Agents in their database and offer as many other kinds of lists that you can imagine. I got excited when I discovered them and immediiately signed up for a trial month membership.

InfoUSA - I discovered InfoUSA while preparing to launch a natiowide email campaign and was impressed by the fact that it has 40 years of experience providing quality mailing lists and email lists to businesses.

With over 17 Million Businesses and 210 Million Consumers you'll almost guaranteed to be able to create a highly targeted mailing specific to your needs in short order.

You can design your own campaigns, or have one of InfoUSA's experts do it for you. Let them put their 40 years of experience to work for you.

Email-List - Here are a few things being said on;  "Forbes Magazine reveals that over 55% marketers in the U.S perceive email as mainstream and the most effective tool for promoting products and services". 

Also, according to Peppers & Rogers Group, “Email is the fastest, most flexible, cost efficient, personalized and specialized communication medium in the world today" 

Although the prices appear competitive, I'd still ask for a discount before doing business with them and point to lower prices found elsewhere before committing to doing business with them.  Still, they get a thumbs up from me.

US Data Corporation - Choosing Email Marketing Lists...For some, it may seem a daunting task to try to narrow down one specific list that will generate the best return on your marketing investment.

In the marketing data world, we classify all marketing lists into three major categories: Response Data, Compiled Data and Sales Leads.

Once your optimum category is selected, the even more daunting task of searching through tens of thousands of selects can make even the savviest of marketers go a little nuts. This is where US Data Corporation’s team of experts comes into play. Read on and discover for yourself what I mean.

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