Take Advantage Of A Free Real Estate Sample Letter

A savvy Realtor can easily get access to a free real estate sample letter, but knowing if it's a good one – well that's another story. Not all letters are created equal.

Sure rather than doing it yourself, a free sample letter can save you a lot of time and aggravation, but it will be a costly mistake if you don't pick a letter that will convey your message effectively. Like this one for example.

And no matter how many letters you send out, if they are missing key elements they wont be powerful enough to generate the leads that they should.

By learning more about the basic format of an effective letter, you can quickly take a free real estate letter and improve it for better results.

Like with these; they're easy to use and affordably effective! Like with these; they're easy to use and affordably effective! 

The first thing to do is to look at the length of your free sample letter. Chances are that if it's too long, a reader will skim the details and more than likely miss important parts of your message. If it's too short, it may not cover as much information as necessary.

Of course your letter has to be long enough to convince your prospect to take action and ultimately answer the important questions within your prospect's mind, but a good rule of thumb would be to send a letter between one and two pages long.

The next thing to do with your free real estate sample letter is to break the information into small paragraphs. The visual balance of your letter is important. At a glance a letter with smaller paragraphs is much more inviting for a reader.

You should try to keep your paragraphs no longer than six lines; otherwise they will appear too overwhelming. And remember to use a font that's easy to read. It's best to use at least an 11-point font; even a 12-point font is advisable.

Another key element of a good letter is its headline. You'll notice that many free real estate sample letters do not have headlines. An effective headline will make all the difference to your success, as it will immediately attract attention and entice your reader to read on.

These are the Letters I Use and Recommend

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