Two Money Saving Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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Essentially, it talks about the ingenuity of an agent who got fed up with paying through the roof prices to advertise his real estate listings. So, he decided to do something about it, and in effect came up with two unique ideas to actually make money marketing his listings.

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Two Money Saving Real Estate Marketing Ideas
By Bill Nixon

During my time as a real estate agent in three different States, I noticed something. There is never a lack of people, magazines, publications or websites that are willing to “help” you market yourself to the public at large. Most of their help comes with a lot of dollar signs, but they can help.

Really, how much could you spend buying signs, placing your one or two listings in a real estate publication and joining networking groups? And what about having a website built? Forget about it. The costs add up to be so high that who can afford the marketing.

One agent told me that being in business her first two years cost her $70,000. So how can you market your real estate business without it costing you a fortune? I mean, didn’t you get into this business to make money?

Publish your own magazine!

I met a man in Las Vegas who was a real estate agent. He was from the north, so I will spare you some of his explicatives, but he mentioned to me how tired he was of the fees the magazines charged just for one page. He said that it was great that every grocery store had them, but was it really $1,000 per page?

He decided to create his own publication and put it out monthly instead of paying the prices for the other free publications that were out there. That one little page in the other magazines brought him some calls, but what if he had more space?

The idea worked like a charm. He decided to print a newspaper like publication. It cost him about $1,500 to print about 2,000 copies which he distributed himself. He put all of his listings in the magazine, and sold spots to other disgruntled agents. The advertising space he sold for about $100 per page paid for the printing in full and he had 2,000 newspapers to distribute to the grocery stores, many of whom were happy to let him post there.

The calls kept coming. He was getting tons of listing business. It seems that people loved the idea of larger pictures for listing their homes and they were excited to give him the business.

He increased his printing amounts month after month, until he had more business than he could handle. His daughter and son, also in the real estate business were getting the benefit of the overflow and today, I imagine that their family has a steady stream of warm leads calling because of their own publication. Fantastic idea!

Build up your own web links!

If you have a website, then you no doubt have tried to find it on Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. You do searches with keywords like, “real estate in Las Vegas” only to find out that you are nowhere near the front page in the results. Then you read that statistically the top three pages are the ONLY ones visited by surfers on a search engine. So, what can you do to help build your site’s ranking and start getting visitors and leads from the Internet?

Search Engine Optimizing is beyond the scope of this article, but you can start building a web presence by finding sites that are willing to link to you. By them creating a link to your site, you can build your website ranking very quickly. Not so much because of the people who will follow that link to your site, but because of the search engine spiders which will follow that link to your site.

Those spiders, are computer programs that are looking for new information on the web all of the time. A link from a site will direct those spiders to look at your site. Then, once there, the spider can analyze your site to see what you are all about.

The more links that point to your site, the better because it is like having ten friends say, “You have to see King Kong”. Spiders go to hundreds of websites daily and if several of them say, “you have to see Bob’s real estate website,” then they will go see it.

How do you find link partners and directories where you can list that won’t cost you a fortune? Start with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. They are the places you want to be listed anyway. Search for things like “link partners” or “real estate directories”, and then visit those sites to see what it takes to get a link on there.

Only list on the ones that are free and offer a link to your website. Putting your phone number on a site helps none. But having the link is everything.

Bill Nixon runs a FREE real estate directory at

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The simplicity of these two money saving real estate marketing ideas demonstrates once again that real estate marketing does not have to be complicated, or expensive to be successful.

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