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Branding Yourself For Increased Profitability
By: Lanard Perry

Successful Realtors know the importance of branding their identities into the consciousness of the communities in which they live, like the big boys; Pepsi, McDonald's, Burger King, and other companies we know and have come to trust.

Why is branding important? Think about it! When you want a soda do you buy an unknown off-brand just because it's cheap?

Or, do you reach for a Coke? I'm a Pepsi guy myself, but you getmy drift!

And why do you do that? Because there's comfort in familiarity and you know what you're getting when you buy it.

We spend mega bucks on name brand products just because we've been inundated with their marketing campaign messages.

Don't believe me? Try this! Quick, who said "Have It Your Way";
"Soup and Sandwich, Soup and Sandwich"; "Oh, I wish I was an
____ ____ ____, that is what I truly want to Be...". Point made!

People support businesses and products that they are comfortably familiar with, even when the familiarity is solely based on marketing campaigns, while avoiding the unknowns.

The same is true for homeowners wanting to list properties for sale with real estate agents. Unless there's a compelling reason to do so they're not going to list their property with a rookie agent, or worst yet somebody who's been in the business for years, but who hasn't really been in the business. Know what I mean?

Now, we may not like it but we do understand it. Still, it's difficult for newly licensed and even some veteran real estate agents to make a living selling real estate because of it.

So how does this impact you? It doesn't if you have thousands of dollars and can afford a couple of years to get beyond it.

But if you're relatively new to the profession and have limited resources you just might have a problem.

Established agents have already put in time and money cultivating their images, and when people in their respective communities want to buy or sell real estate they think of them - not you.

So, what can you do about it? Lots actually, but for now I'll focus on one thing; farming prospects.

Why? Because when done right you can easily put hundreds of business cards, letters and other marketing materials in the hands of known sellers and potential buyers every month.

Simply stated, the more people you contact the sooner you brand yourself as an agent worthy of consideration. Anything short of this is whistling in the wind.

Take a moment and honestly assess your situation. How many contacts are you presently averaging - daily, weekly, monthly?

Are they random contacts (shotgun approach) of people who might be interested in your services, or with real prospects known to need services right now (laser beam approach)?

A good real estate listing system can help put you on a fast track to gaining name recognition within your community in months, instead of years. And it won't cost you thousands of dollars to implement.

Let me suggest, though, that you avoid systems that appear complicated, or that are hundreds of pages long. If it takes days to read and weeks to comprehend whose really going to read it and follow through to boring completion, anyway? Not me!

Also, consider the following before committing to a particular listing system.

1. Does it come with a satisfaction money back guarantee?
2. If you're buying on line is a contact name and phone number readily available on the website?
3. Can you reach anybody or get a response to a message when you call before buying?

If the answers to any of the above are a resounding "no" then I suggest that you put your credit card back in your pocket and continue looking.

Proceed with caution, but do proceed, as you need a system that'll give you a competitive advantage.

Summarily, a good real estate listing system can help you brand yourself relatively quickly. So, get one as soon as you can and start claiming your share of the market!

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