Real Estate Agent Marketing

Some real estate agent marketing strategies can be very expensive, as well as complicated. I don't now about you, but plain and simple works better for me. Still, agents dole out thousands of dollars hoping to find the "magic systems" that'll help them generate more business.

Good products and services are at a premium, especially when you consider that:

  • real estate agents who receive the most phone calls, show the most properties and sell the most real estate are also the ones with the most listings and sound real estate agent marketing systems.

However, getting listings and buyers is easier said than done, but it's very doable. You just need to know how and have the right real estate agent marketing strategy to pull it off.

So, having the right real estate marketing tools makes all the difference in an agent's ability to successfully compete for listings and buyers.

Like almost everything else, when it comes to real estate agent marketing strategies for success what was good a couple of years ago may now be passe. For example, the real estate marketing tools in today's market that add to your bottom line includes

  • lead capturing websites provide a form of 24/7 Internet marketing. In the grand scheme of things they're relatively inexpensive to make and go live. However, all websites are not created equal.

    Before spending your money on a website you should learn something about them. No, I don't mean get all techy, but if you at least speak basic terms you'll end up with a better website, whether you build it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

    The more you know about about real estate agent websites the better yours will be.

  • real estate marketing scripts are powerful real estate agent marketing tools and every agent should have at least one script in their real estate marketing tool kit. And the choices are diverse and plentiful; FSBOs, farming expired listings, marketing letters, cold calling and the like.

    Any one or all of these scripts can be an effective real estate agent marketing tool. In fact, one or more scripts is recommended, as the more marketing tools in your tool kit the better off you'll be.

    However, an agent should have at least one script as part of their real estate marketing strategy, as in many instances they can work as good for you as the originator of the script.

    Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply buy a script and implement it all in the same day for less than the cost of a tank of gas!

  • electronic newsletters are good tools for cultivating long term relationships with client prospects. For example, with my electronic newsletter you get invaluable real estate agent marketing business building tips once a month. Sign up today and get some tips and pointers for starting your own.

  • real estate marketing flyers can also be a great, low cost way to market your services to the masses. You can do nearly anything with flyers; farm neighborhoods, advertise new listings, solicit buyers, announce open houses, etc.

    It used to be that the best option for generating flyers used to be having them professionally printed by a printer. However, you can now easily find software programs where you design and print your own, and hey look as professional as those you'll get from a professional printer.

  • auto-responders/drip systems are great. With them you can set up a series of email messages that will effectively follow up on the interest of prospects who leave their email addresses with you.

    Ran an ad this weekend? Have respondents email for additional information. Or, have them email for additional information after you pre-qualify them.

  • real estate marketing books can be key to your success. Some Realtors think that once they get licensed they've learned all they need to know about real estate agent marketing. However, some fail to realize that being licensed does not make one a good marketer.

    Want to be a good marketer? Then continue to invest in yourself. Read marketing books, newsletters and trade magazines. Also, listen to tapes and attend real estate marketing seminars as often as you can. The more you learn the more you'll earn!

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