Real Estate Expired Listing Letter

I wrote my first Real Estate Expired Listing Letter out of desperation…and in hindsight it was a life changing event.  Up to that point in time I had

Real Estate Expired Listing Letter

accomplished very little as a new real estate agent, as I didn't have any listings, hadn't made any sales and had only a few prospects in my pipeline.

So, what did I do?  I watched what everybody else was doing and then it hit me, none of them were Farming Expired Listings with any regularity that counted.  At first I didn't quite believe what I'd discovered, but it was true. 

Although most agents learn about expired listings soon after becoming licensed, few actually ever pursued them…and of the few that do many  appear to do so randomly and nowhere near a level of consistency needed  to achieve more than marginal success doing it.

So, I got busy. I wrote my first expired listing letter and started farming expired listings and eventually settled into a pattern of mailing a minimum of ten letters a day, sometimes seven days a week but usually no less than five. 

Unfortunately, the earlier letters weren’t very good, as measured by the number of listings I got using them.  In a word, I only converted a few of them. But I kept working it, making subtle tweaks to the letter every so often until magic happened.  Owners of expired listings started calling me…and they wanted to list their properties with me.

Real Estate Expired Listing Letter - Hard Times Require Desperate Measures

Blessings come in many forms, and sometimes takes on the appearance of hard times.  Well, that’s what my blessing was.  Specifically, I needed business and if it hadn’t been for the letters I wrote, and their effectiveness, I don’t know what I would have done to generate enough listings and sales. 

Generating enough leads to earn a good living is hard and repeating day in and day out is even harder.  While some agents who can bankroll their first year in the business and avoid the constant pressure that comes with needing to secure leads and make sales, other agents don’t. With them the scenario is often akin to the desperation I felt… needing to make money like yesterday in order to hang on another hope hoping to turn things around.

Real Estate Expired Listing Letter Set For Agents

real estate expired listing letter

The letters I wrote were wildly successful and had the desired results of 

  1. generating calls from expired listing owners wanting to list their homes and other properties with me
  2. generating prospects for their and other listings and
  3. making earning commissions through the sale of my and other listings. 

They also had the unexpected benefit of finding properties that were perfect for personal investments and/or for veteran real estate investors.

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