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Real Estate Lead Online. If you have a website you can relate to the frustration of not having any visitors.  No matter what you do you only get a trickle of visitors.  And if you don't already have a website, but are thinking about building one, you're probably already contemplating the best way to generate visitors.

You may not think of the best real estate lead online prospecting tool being a real estate agent web site, but once you get truly knowledgeable about websites you’ll come to know that gathering online real estate leads can be one of the most cost effective prospecting activities you can do.


Where else can you have access to millions of prospects for less than a few dollars a day?  As a marketing tool, real estate design website marketing can pay off big time - over and over – all the way to the bank!


However, you have to work at it to get good results, but specific knowledge is required more than physical work.  So, the challenge is to learn as much as you can about real estate search engine optimization, the art of selecting the right keywords, and other proven online real estate marketing strategies. 

So, where do you get this knowledge? You can start right here!


Below are 4 ways to attract prospects to your web site and convert them to paying customers. 


1. Start a Newsletter (Ezine). If you don't have one, start one, then give it away.  People love freebies and the best way to capture their email addresses for future mailings is to have them sign up for your ezine. 


It doesn't have to be complicated, nor anything that will win a Pulitzer Prize.  Break it down to its basic form and think of it as a mailing list.  All you really want to do is to have a reason to mail your mailing list subscribers to remind them of you and the services you offer.


It can be as simple as a Real Estate Marketing Report that educates them about the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate.  Like these!


2. Set up your newsletter in a sequential auto-responder.  With auto responders you do the work once, but have it work for you forever.  If you don't know what to write, or don't already have something to use in your newsletter don't worry.  Prewritten Real Estate Marketing Reports, like these,  are easy to find on the Internet and are relatively inexpensive!


Here's a FREE Sample Real Estate Marketing Report to get a better idea of what I'm talking  about!


To continue, a sequential auto responders is a way to "brand" yourself as a Realtor of choice, one who is ready to assist their clients with their real estate marketing needs. Auto responders allow you to create any number of messages that you program in advance to be delivered whenever you want; once a week, once a month, every other month, etc.


A sequential auto responder is a powerful real estate lead, online prospecting tool that many agents underutilize, mainly because they don't take the time to understand it.  Buy once you do, look out!  It may turn out to be the one thing that gives you a competitive advantage over other agents in your community. 


Many agents fall short on follow up, but with an auto responder you'll have a 24/7 virtual assistant that works tirelessly to gather prospects, then convert them to buyers and sellers.


Real estate sales and marketing is about relationships, not sales.  Sales come after you've established relationships with people, so your focus should be on establishing relationships to make sales.


So, the more contact you have with real estate prospects the more you position yourself with them as a competent, helpful agent.  An auto responder helps you do that, and do it better than most other real estate marketing tools!


3. Provide your web site visitors with lots of free web site content - the more the better.  Many agents either skimp on this by providing too little content, or by providing poor quality content.  Either is a death sentence to your website.


The reality is that you need hundreds of pages of content to have a good real estate lead, online lead generating website.  Each page will essentially be a doorway to you, and the more doorways you have the more frequent will access you; i.e., visit your website, sign up for your mailing list, sign up for special real estate reports you offer, etc.


A good real estate lead, online lead generating website is first and foremost about providing information.  Site visitors are interested in what you offer to solve their needs, not how handsome or pretty you are.  If your web site doesn't provide that then you might as well say bye bye to your present and future visitors, human and search engine alike!


4. My final suggestion is to give your visitors a free Ebook. People are fascinated with Ebook and love receiving them.  You could include links to your website, newsletter, affiliate programs that you're smart enough to join and monetize, etc. 


You could buy rebrandable products, insert your name as author, and add whatever links you want as described above, then allow others to give it away for you.  This is what is known as "viral marketing", which can get your name across the Internet like wildfire!


Summarily, the best real estate lead, online lead generating marketing tool is a website.  Optimize it with rich, useful content and you might be able to generate a constant flow of warm, responsive leads.  Get it wrong and you won’t generate anything but frustration, which you may already have more of than you care for.

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