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Real Estate Postcard Marketing.  There was a time when direct mail marketing was king, but not so much nowadays with the advent of computers, ppc campaigns and social network sites.

Still, Postcard Marketing Campaigns account for a bulk of business in today's real estate market and if you're not in on it you're out of the business that it's generating.

Below are three Real Estate Postcard Marketing Companies that offer quick, affordable good looking postcards and effective marketing ideas and strategies. You can choose to use one of them, a combination of them, or all three. Here they are in no particular order of preference.

Postal Realtor  - "Every real estate agent has the same old newspaper and MLS marketing plan. I set myself apart from the competition by mailing out 5,000 just listed postcards for every new exclusive listing I sign. I always get another listing in return!"  Enough said...visit the site to learn more.

Prospect Plus - Here's a catalog of offerings that's worth studying for a few minutes.  What I like most are the Pre-designed 3/7/27 Touche Marketing Series where you can select a 3 card series mailing, 7 postcards or 27 postcards.  And the offerings include campaigns for Expireds, Just Listed/Just Sold, Bank Owned Properties, Cash Buyers, etc. If you can't find a campaign here it'll be because you don't want one.

Postcard Builder - I just recently became aware of this company and am intrigued by the fact that it makes it super easy to design and execute Postcard Marketing Campaigns, whether you have a mailing list or not.  Plus, their prices are relatively inexpensive and very affordable compared to other low cost providers. A downside is that it doesn't have the variety of real estate campaigns offered by some other companies.

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That's it for now.  See ya! 

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