Sequential Autoresponders; More Leads More Money

Realtors have been slow to embrace the use of Sequential Autoresponders, but those who are using them are separating themselves big time from other agents who still insist on using dated, off line methods in a high paced Internet driven society.

I have a lot of success using them!  For example, in October 04 I went live and online with my Farming Expired Listings Web Site and started using autoresponders to sign agents up for my newsletter.  Now, not quite 3 years later, I have added more than 3,400 subscribers  -

  Through it I provide real estate marketing tips, tools and strategies to help them make more money!

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Below are just a few of the ways to use autoresponders to generate more leads.

  1. Advertise To Renters!  Run an ad saying something like “Why rent when you can own for the same monthly payment?  Email tiredofrenting@yourautoresponder for a FREE 7 Part Report showing just how easy it is.”  Then, place the reports in the responder and watch it start collecting the names of hundreds of tenants who are tired of renting. 
  2. Advertising To Buyers in general!  Run an ad saying something along the lines of  “3/2 in great neighborhood, 2 garage, fireplace.  Several to choose from.  Email greathomes@yourautoresponder For More Information!”  Place descriptions of the properties in the auto responder (one property per email message) and let it start filling up your lead pipeline.
  3. Market Expired Listings!  Run an ad saying something like “Frustrated because your home didn’t sell?  Find out why and do something about it!  Email expiredlistings@yourautoresponder for Special 7 Part Report on “Why Great Homes Don’t Sell.”  Place 1 report per email message and let it start collecting names for you.  

If you don’t have any Real Estate Marketing Reports you can get some here!  Check it often for updates.  

The ideas about how to use auto responders to make more sales are near endless, but there are several things that are universal. 


1)      The Auto responders will help you convert many of the subscribers to paying customers; renters, buyers, sellers and investors!

2)      Few agents are using this strategy.  Check the classified ads for yourself.  Do you see any ads like these?  That’s what I thought!


Internet Real Estate Marketing is easier than ever with Auto responders.  They will save you time, help you gather a ton of leads and close lots more sales than you are making right now.

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