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No Expired Listings In South Bay LA? If You Say So!
by: Lanard Perry

It's hard to believe that the information your MLS System shows for expired listings is accurate; specifically 2,500 prior to 2009; none for 2009, and only seven for 2010 for the agent's current work area in the South Bay portion of LA.

You asked should the agent try another? Maybe...and only if they don't have to physically move in order to do it. And instead of changing areas perhaps they can add another area that they farm. There's nothing to say that an agent can't farm multiple territories, but if there is a great deal of distance involved between one area and the next I would not recommend this option.

Another thought is to ask the MLS System how can this situation be? No expired listings? Is it because they don't require the agents of expired listings to report them, or is it that they require it but don't enforce it? Learn what the rules are and then play by them.

How about running an ad that asks something along the lines of "Have Your Listing Recently Expired? Let me share my plan fo selling your home! Call Me Today To Discuss How I Can Help Market Your Home!"

The idea behind the ad is to get owners in the area to start thinking about their expired listings. Surely, at some level they know that 1) their listings expired 2) they did not renew the listing and 3)consequently, no one is actively trying to sell their property.

Finally, let me ask a question just to make sure we're not overlooking the obvious. Are you saying that you cannot generate a daily report from the MLS System of expireds and new listings for the day? And that you cannot query that information for any time frame you wish?

If this is the case farming expireds will be very challenging.

Finally, let's talk about mailing ten expired listing letters a day. Instead of focusing exclusively on expireds also include fsbos, absentee property owners, abandoned properties, etc.

There are letters for each of these niche markets in the Expired Listing System. Use them and if you're truly motivated to succeed you'll find a way to mail 20 to 30 to 50 letters a day anyway you can do it...

Please let me know if this was helpful and/or how things workout for you.

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