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Real Estate Investor Lead; Investors Need Properties, Too!

Real Estate Investor Lead.  Are you working with real estate investors?  If so this article on investor lead generation tips might be helpful.

Sourcing real estate investor leads is challenging, but potentially very lucrative.  One investor can generate thousands of dollars in sales commissions several times over.  So it’s no wonder aggressive agents are finding creative ways to establish relationships with them.

A major hurdle that stops most marketers is the daunting DNC (Do Not Call) list.  It’s a huge impediment to sourcing leads, but some are creating strategies for effectively working around it. You can too...but you have to think outside the box a little bit and dare to do what others aren’t doing.

Writing Compelling Ads To Generate Investor Leads

Iif you’re not good at writing effective ads you have  a couple of options.

Option #1. Hire a copywriter to write them for you.  But who actually hire’s folk to write ads?  Ask the agents who are making money, as they've learned the value of outsourcing tasks that don't play to their strengths. 

They understand the power of the printed word and know that if they have poorly written ads that are worthless and will be ignored. 

How many ads have you overlooked because they were poorly written and didn’t compel you to call for more information?  Plenty, I'm sure!  

Option #2. Another option is to invest in an ad writer software program.  You can find them for $30.00 or so, and they will generate attention grabbing, call inducing ads – hundreds of them – over and over. And once you have ad writer program you’ll find many opportunities to use it.

I've got one that you can have for $9.00.
Call me and I'll tell you how to order it.

Once your copy is worth promoting you need the proper tools and systems to quickly deliver information to callers and follow-up on their interests.  Here are some options -

• Use your phone’s voice message, call forwarding and any other available call options to conveniently and automatically handle all incoming client-initiated calls. Voice messaging could be in the form of automatic recording from mobile phones or from regular voice call recorders.

• Use instant messaging, text messaging, email, PDA and/or fax to facilitate your business connections and send information to your clients.

• Direct respondents to your web site. Make sure it has lots of content.  Pre written content makes it super fast and easy to generate hundreds of pages in a fairly short period of time if you need some.

• Forward them to your autoresponder so that you can capture contact information for follow-up.

Recommended Reading

Summarily, you want to offer as much convenience to your prospects as possible and make it a point to offer better and notable service than others.  Doing so will boost your business and ultimately help you generate a steady stream of investor leads.

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