No Money Down Real Estate Investments

no money down real estate

Want To Make Money With a No Money Down Real Estate Deal? Well, it's possible... and there are plenty of reasons for doing it, with the most common one being the ability to make some serious money.

Five Reasons For Investing In Real Estate

One - the earning potential through real estate investments is unlimited. People with daring, vision and a solid plan can achieve their dreams of financial wealth and independence through real estate investments... including those leveraged through No Money Down Real Estate Deals.

A second reason is the depreciation and other tax benefits - I'm not an accountant, but I've experienced the benefits of having owned real estate investment properties. The more properties you own the greater your tax advantages will be. And let's be clear about them - the tax advantages will amount to money saved, so you'll have more disposable income to spend as you will.

The third reason has to do with equity buildup - you're probably aware that during early 2000 real estate was experiencing double digit annual appreciation. Consequently, equity (profit) was appreciating quite nicely, and in some instances properties doubled in value in just a few years.

Are those days gone for good? Who knows, but what I do know is that there is an abundance of properties that can be bought right now with No Money Down, and when you put your mind to it you learn for yourself that they're relatively easy to find!

Four - you don't need a lot of money to get started - real estate is one of the few investments where you can take ownership or control of a property with little to No Money Down. And should you need money there are ways to leverage other people's money (OPM) for your investment properties.

For example, sometimes I took on a partner to use their credit to finance properties... which was a no money deal for them and me. They'd get 50% percentage of the profits for financing the properties while I did the rest, including overseeing rehab of the properties and finding buyers for them. 

The fifth and final reason is you can profit by finding & assigning bargains - it's not a complicated process, but it does require you to have a buyer lined up before you lock yourself into a purchase contract. Admittedly, while the technique is easy to learn, it's a bit challenging to pull it off often.  Still, it only takes one transaction like this to make it very much worth your while.

No Money Down Real Estate Strategies

Investing in Real Estate Without Cash is fun once you get started but it can send you off ego tripping once you start making money. For example, there were times when I'd buy houses when I needed fast cash.

I'd find a house with lots of equity in it, finance 110% to buy it at a  low price - use 100% to buy and rehab the property and use the remaining 10% to hold me over until I fit.  I'd repeat the process whenever I got cash poor.

But there are so many more ways to make money in real estate besides flipping it. Favored strategies include lease options, sandwich leases, bird dogging, back to back closings, renting to own, and buying a multi-family unit to live in one unit and rent out the other(s). Click here to read a great article that gives more detail about them!

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Well. that's it for now.  If you haven't read Investing in Real Estate Without Cash yet I invite you to do so. It's a very informative article and a resource to serve interested and beginning investors in the weeks and months to come.

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