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Real Estate Lead Generators. If you’re like most real estate agents you can never have too many leads. Prospecting is a 24/7 activity, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Fortunately, free to low cost Real Estate Lead Ideas are plentiful if you know where to look for them...and many of them are simple strategies that are nonetheless proven ways to generate real estate leads.

Here Are Three of My Favorite Real Estate Lead Generators

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You don't have to be the smartest agent to generate leads, but you must at least be focused and aware of opportunities when they present themselves.

So, why do I call you a Real Estate Lead Generator? Because everything you do can contribute to your bottom line: from going to the grocery store, to getting a haircut, and to joining your local Rotary Club.

Below are 7 real estate marketing ideas and strategies that are proven Real Estate Lead Generators.

  1. Make a list of your contacts and target contacts. Be keen in targeting your contact. You should learn how to network and make friends. Friends and the friends of your friends can be your future clients. Always get their contact information for future reference.

  2. The success of your career will depend on your character. To be able to communicate with your customers effectively, you will need to have a personality that will attract your customers. You should build your own identity since you are not the only lead generator in the world. Your individuality will make the difference and will help you widen your network.

  3. Master the art of prospecting. As the cliché goes, "Practice makes perfect.” Do not waste any time and spend every hour in prospecting your clients. Mastering your field will generate a wider market and better sales.

  4. Once you have gathered your target clients, do not stop with them. Shift into another gear of action. Strategize and think of ways on how you can do sales with them. For example, you can advertise your services – and of course you have loads of options.  You could personally meet with them, use the Internet and market to them via real estate web site content, send e-mail, mail snail mail, post banners and leaflets to expand your network.

  5. Always follow-up. Always remember that follow-up is a form of great customer service. This will make them feel valued and when they do they will remember you when their friends and family want to buy or sell real estate,. This is one good way to earn and retain your customers and generate referrals, too.

  6. Always assess yourself. Make a daily evaluation of your activities. This will help you in assessing which strategies were effective or not. If one strategy was not effective, then you will be able to think of other strategies that will be more effective for you.

  7. When something does not go well, do not lose hope. If a prospect customer did not find you effective and turned you down, then go to your next prospect. Do not be disheartened easily, since rejection and losing prospects now and again is just part of the job. One strategy may not be effective to one but may be convincing to another. Trial and error is just a part of the game!

Part of being good at real estate prospecting is being opportunistic and taking advantage of every opportunity to share with others that you are a real estate sales professional and marketing your services. 

But I doesn’t have to be an aggressive “in their face” style.  Quite the contrary, subtle but persuasive works better for me.  It could be by handing out 10 -15 business cards every day, instead of still sitting in the same box that they came in when you ordered them a year ago.

Summarily, these Real Estate Lead Generators are the corner stone of a good lead generating system.  With them you can generate more leads and perhaps even convert more into paying customers.

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Real Estate Lead Geneation Ideas

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