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You've arrived at my sight and page where you're about to learn about 3 of the most popular and effective ideas for Real Estate Agents to generate real estate leads.  Here they are.

1. Farming Expired Listings
Farming Expired Listings was one of my most favorite ways to generate real estate leads. It can eliminate the need to “cold call” prospects to generate business while enabling you to zero in on mostly known sellers with laser like effectiveness. 

What could be better method for generating Real Estate Agent Leads than sellers to be interested in selling their properties?

One of the things that I liked best about Farming Expireds is that you can market them via letters and have the owners of Expireds call you if they're interested in retaining your services.  You can safely assume that if they call you they must be interested in doing business with you.  

So, don't blow it.  You should immediately go for a “close on the listing” rather than settling for an appointment to give a listing presentation.  When marketed consistently, Expired Listings can be the source of a near unending warm, responsive Real Estate Leads for Agents like you.

2. Marketing FSBOs
Many agents avoid FSBOs because of the caustic nature of some of the sellers, but FSBOs are also a great source for generating Real Estate Agent Leads.  But tread politely, because people grow weary of unsolicited calls when when they're trying to eat dinner, watch tv and otherwise enjoying being home after a long day at work.

Instead, why not try a direct mail campaign with compelling marketing messages that will get them to call you.  And as is the case with most effective marketing campaigns, when FSBOs call you rather than you calling them they are interested in you and the services you provide.  So, give it to them.

3. Farming Real Estate
Farming neighborhoods can also be an effective way of generating “real estate leads for agents”.  But be forewarned, as is the case with most lead generating strategies you should not expect immediate results when Farming Real Estate .  In fact, you should count on not seeing any results for up to 6 months. 

Why?  Because, in order for your marketing to be successful the recipients of your marketing messages must be exposed to them approximately 6-7 times before you gain rapport, credibility, trust and consideration with them.

real estate letters,

The first 4 – 6 months will in effect be about you building relationships with the folk living in your farming area. So, instead of focusing on trying to sell them something (which you probably won't) your time and money will best be spent by providing information that will assist them in their real estate needs, whether they are buying, selling, investing, refinancing, etc.

In fact, when you press to hard and too soon to make sales you'll come across as just another pushy salesperson looking to make money off of them. You'll alienate a lot of prospects and lose them as potential buyers and sellers altogether.

These “real estate leads for agents” ideas can help you generate a renewable source of leads. Use one, a combination of them, or all of them to turbo-charge your marketing programs. He results just might surprise you.

Finally, other low cost ways to generate Real Estate Leads include Networking for Leads, holding Open Houses, Generating Leads via Newsletters, etc. These and other for lead generating ideas can be found here.

However, in the end I suggest that you get Real Estate Leads For Agents by the ways that excite you the most. Why? Because you'll sustain your enthusiasm for lead generation campaigns when you're excited about doing it.

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