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Real Estate Listing Flyer. If you're going to take the time to create listing flyers you might as well go the extra step and make ones that are outstanding

in terms of having enough visual appeal to stop a reader in their tracks and have them pay attention to it...every detail.

Still, even great flyers aren't won't be worth a hoot if you don't have an effective distribution channel.

And a channelling strategy that you should consider is to announce a new listing by sending out an email blast to hundreds of potential buyers and other real estate agents.

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When I first got licensed I'd snail mail flyers to every agent in the MLS System whenever I got a new listing. Now I can contact thousands of them by pushing a button.

This is just one of the many advantages of Internet Marketing via mass email campaigns using auto-responders and contact relationship management (crm) programs.

Here are Some Ways
To Effectively Use Real Estate Listing Flyers

  • Use In Drip Email Marketing Campaigns- this feature enables you to schedule follow-up responses by automatically emailing everybody on your mailing list.  You can limit it to the people who opened your first email message, or email everybody on the list again.
  • Email Them To Personal Contacts and/or Subscriber List - email marketing is an effective, fast and efficient way to contact your list subscriber and/or prospects, leads and customers in your database.  Some companies give you the option of uploading your own contact list, or renting one of theirs.  So, if you don't have one you can still become an active email marketer - instantly.
  • Imbed Slideshows In Them - imbedding slideshows within your Real Estate Flyer can be the one thing that gets buyers ad/or their agents calling for more information.  In today's market you need a competitive advantage and slideshow presentations can be yours. 
  • Use To Expand Your Reach via Internet Marketing - you can market your listings to your city, region, state or nationally if you want to.  So, why limit your reach when you have all of the US that you can market to?
  • Use To Post In Directories and Listing Syndication - you can have your listings posted to over 30 top online directories and search engines.  Additionally, some services will also provide you with Craigslist friendly HTML that will allow you to easily post your listings to Craigslist.

Once you start emailing listing flyers you'll fall in love with the convenience and efficiency of it and you'll want to dabble with some of the upgrades, including things like;

  • virtual tours, where you can add photos, music and images
  • linking to a single property website with it's own unique website url
  • links that point to maps, calculators, city data, et.

So, when you think of real estate marketing and listing flyers don't think "old school".  Instead, think new wave internet marketing using drip email campaigns that deliver hot Real Estate Listing Flyers. 

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