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Well written, informative Real Estate Prospecting Letters (expireds, fsbos, farming areas) can generate leads and propel readers to action. But you already know that, which is why you're here.

real estate prospecting letters

You also probably realize that you can spend untold hours (days, weeks or even months - yes, months) writing one letter, or...with the click of a mouse you can have access to dozens of letter templates ready for immediate download and use for a moderate price... which is also why you might be here.

Finally, you're also probably tired of reading and thinking mailing letters and are finally ready to do something about it. We're ready to assist.

Below, for your consideration, is information about Prospecting Letters found on Real Estate Marketing Talk.  Just telling you that they worked for me and other agents sounds simplistic... and it is! But there's no better way to convey their effectiveness.  So, admittedly, this is a case of where simple is good and highly desireable.

Being Almost Broke Is A Great Motivator

The first set of letters I ever used were the Expired Listing Letters I wrote at a time when bills were piling up and my credit cards were nearly maxed out. I hated cold calling with a passion and the harsh rejection that went with it, and longed for a kinder, gentler way of prospecting, so I decided to use letters.

After successfully establishing a campaign that generated recurring listings I then wrote letters for prospecting FSBOs...and when I did a wonderful thing happened - converting FSBOs to listings became fun.  It was easy and very productive.   

The next set of letters I wrote actually started as real estate web site content articles, which I call Power Real Estate Letters.The Power Letters are multi-purpose and can be used for any number of things; including as mail marketing material and content for flyers, brochures, newsletters and blogs.You can see them here.

Here's A Look At
Our Real Estate Prospecting Letters

I invite you to click on the images of the Prospecting Letters below to read more about them. If you have any questions please call me (see contact tab on the side panel). I'm usually available right away, but usually return calls the same day should I be unavailable when you call.

Sourcing Leads With Real Estate Prospecting Leads Is Funtastic

I'm not a techie, but I love today's marketing tools; Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, Electronic Flyers, etc.  Still there's something to be said about "old school" techniques, like mailing prospects letters... and templates offer the advantage of tweaking letters to fit your needs versus creating them out of thin air. 

In closing, Real Estate Prospecting Letters can have a significant impact on the success of your career; and you have a couple of options regarding them... you can try to write your way to success, or you can take the faster and arguably better path of investing in proven, effective pre-written ones

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Well, that's it for now. Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success... however you decide to move forward!

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