Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Real Estate Prospecting is a must for real estate agents and investors, they need leads and prospects to convert to sales.

And although they may prospect in different ways, there are some shared commonalities;

like business card marketing, working fsbos, mailing flyers, cold calling, sitting open houses, canvassing neighborhoods, conducting direct mail campaigns, farming expired listings, networking for leads, etc.

Individually, each tip, tool and strategy is worth at least a book of information and you should in due course, but three of them are worth a closer look right now! 

Real Estate Prospecting Made Easy
1. Work FSBOs.  Yea, I know...they can be a royal pain in the butt; perhaps that's why so many agents would rather jump in a frozen lake than deal with them.  However, there a proven effective ways to convert them to listings.  I like using letters best. 

2. Farming Expired Listings. Farming Expireds is obviously reat for agents, but real estate investors can also farm them. How? By establishing relationships with a Real Estate Agents and have them provide the information for a fee, favor, or both. 

3. Web Site Baiting With Real Estate Marketing Reports. Throwing up a puny 1 - 10 page website is not.  You need scores, if not hundreds, of web site pages in order to create high ranking, lead generating sites.  Read more...

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Your marketing initiatives can be very profitable when you use the right tools with well defined strategies.  Your real estate marketing efforts could mushroom into bigger and bigger paydays if you perfect a few of the ideas found on this page.

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