Real Estate eNewsletter

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Prewritten Real Articles Make Perfect Content for eNewsltters

Prewritten Real Articles Make Perfect Content for eNewsltters

I started my first Real Estate eNewsletter in December 2005. At first I was pretty intimidated and almost didn't start it, thinking that nobody would be interested in what I had to say about real estate marketing.

But I kept at it and discovered that "thousands" of people were.

Now don't get me wrong...I'll never be a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I don't have to be. All I have to do is continue figuring out what my readers are interested in and write about it.

For example, millions of people are interested in all things real estate related with regard to credit, fsbos, foreclosures, short sales, etc. Simply stated, they're subjects that folk interested in buying and selling real estate want to know.

And over the years I've become a decent writer, but I have to admit to experiencing the dreaded writer's block syndrome often. Specifically, I can go for weeks at a time without being able to write a single creative sentence.

So, what do I do to break out of a writer's slump? I nurture my creativity by looking for ideas in newspaper headlinesand scanning content in newspapers, magazines, flyers and brochures; reading advertising inserts in newspapers and flyers; and browsing lots of books and reports.

So, I combat it by scanning the internet and reading stuff that I might not be even remotely interested, not necessarily for the content, but rather for ideas that I might get from reading the content.

I have weird word/picture associations going on in my head and can be looking at a picture of a bulldog while writing an about real estate slogans and come u with the title "Real Estate Markeing slogans of The Big Dogs".

However, my primary go to source for newsletter articles is prewritten real estate web site content, also referred to as real estate marketing reports and email marketing reports. I buy it as often as I see something worth owning and use it at different times for different projects.

Have I been successful with my Real Estate eNewsletter? Absolutely! At the peak of its popularity I had aproximately 3800 active subscribers. Not bad for a small time webmaster.

Want to experience similar success in establishing a newsletter reader base? Then grab as much prewritten real estate web site content that you can and then start your own eNewsletter. Afterall, a newsletter is nothing more than a bunch of articles.

Here's some of the real estate web site content and marketing reports I use in my newsletters. Check it out... you can thank me later!

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