Paul D Rankin

by Kelly Cameron
(San Antonio Texas)

About The Rankin Real Estate and Property Management:
The Rankin Property Management Group is a family operated. We serve the San Antonio and Helotes area. Our number one priority is your investment property.

Do you know if the Repairs you paid for have actually been completed? Do you receive tenant feedback? Do you have access to repair requests? The Rankin Property Management Website offers you these services. We also complete quarterly inspections to make sure your investment is maintained properly.

Does your current Property Manager oversee 100-250 properties? Wow!! That is a significant amount of homes for one Property Manager to keep an eye on. Nevertheless, do you expect that Property Manager to really supervise and make sure all those tenants are maintaining the yard, is anyone living at the home thats not on the lease, has the tenant obtained a pet without your approval finally is the tenant keeping up with minor home repairs? Have you ever been sent an enormous repair bills once the tenant vacates the property? We will not allow our Agents over see more then 50 properties. You will not experience these negative events if your use the Rankin Property Management group.

We regard each property as if it were our own home. We build relationships with our tenants. Property management is a very delicate matter. Our Family focuses giving your property the attention and care it deserves.

Tenant Application Procedure:
• Credit Report and History
National Tenant Network
• Provides Criminal Research
• Tenant Performance Information
• Public Records and Verification of Application
• Rental history to include landlord information
• Employment Verification
We function effectively at four different levels of maintenance operations;
Preventative maintenance, Corrective maintenance, Routine maintenance, New construction

• Safety inspections are conducted in accordance with federal and state housing regulations including but not limited to; GFI outlets, door and window locks, weatherization, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.
• Outside vender selection and supervision
• Manage of all maintenance including minor or emergency repairs.
• Computerized tracking of maintenance for each property.
• Free estimates are always provided in advance for your approval.
• Final walk-through upon Tenant vacate
• Quarterly inspections inside and outside of rental property.
• Collection of Tenant Rent -(On-Line service coming soon)
• Disburse of proceeds (Direct deposits coming soon)
• Electronic Monthly Statement
• End of Year Report
• IRS Form 199 for Taxes
Real-estate websites (Here are a few locations you will see your home advertised to reach as prospective tenants).
• (MLS) Reaching over 6000 agents daily.
• (Automated Housing Referral Network)

Social Networking
• Technorati
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• YouTube

Our Professional Team will provide Quality Property Management services:

• Real Estate Agents
• Mortgage Broker
• Loan Officers
• Insurance Agents
• Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Our Leasing & Sales Agents, along with our Property Supervisors are licensed Real Estate Brokers, which insures the utmost quality in service. Our Brokers have an extensive background

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