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Real Estate Leads From Unexpected Places
by: Lanard

I can related. Investment leads and opportunities can come from unexpected places. For example, when I was actively licensed and selling real estate a majority of my real estate leads were of expired listings, but that's because I farmed them up to 7 days a week - and I got good at it.

Then one day a light bulb went off in my head. I had a ton of listings that were super deals, but didn't have enough buyers to buy all of them...despite all of my real estate marketing prowess. Maybe you can relate - that's kind of how it is in today's market; there are more real estate listings than buyers for them.

Then the thought occurred to me - "why not buy some of them"? So, I did.

But it wasn't like I had the thought one day and started buying properties the next. Instead, it was more like months to a year. I was no fool - i knew I had to lean the game, or take unnecessary risks with my money & other people's money (OPM).

And when I was ready I started buying properties. Most were in one way or another bank owned, or distressed. So, all of those listing that I had but couldn't sell started generating more listings and sales.

It's true that the more listings an agent has te more leads and sales he'll generate.

One deal that I got in on from a FSBO sign was a triplex with something like $1,000.00 down. The sign didn't generate a lot of calls because the property wasn't on a main thoroughfare, but it happened to be in the neighborhood that I specialized in, so I stood a better chance of seeing it many others.

Tow of the units had 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, and the third unit was a small, detached studio apartment. I didn't make a lot of money on that particular deal, but it was good for me because I learned in real life ways some of the nuances of buying and selling real estate, which properties to verses the ones to leave alone, when to hold a property and when to run the other way - no matter how enticing the property may be.

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