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Anita Kazmierczak ~ Broker Associate

by Anita Kazmierczak
(Marlboro New Jersey)

Anita Kazmierczak ~ New Homes Division team leader, SFR, Specialize in New Construction & Luxury Real Estate, Broker-Associate MARLBORO OFFICE

Tel: (732) 547-2710

Email: Anita@BetterHomesUS.com

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Value Added Representation

The world of real estate continues to experience dramatic change. This change is a result of market forces, including banking reforms, regulatory changes and demographic shifts. In addition, ever increasing advances in technology allow sellers and buyers of real property access to so much information, that sellers and buyers have become more educated and hence, more sophisticated. As a result, successful real estate brokers and advisors have to adapt to these market changes to provide real value to their customers. The role of the educated representative has evolved to a complementary role, one where a representative’s experience allows him or her to “connect the dots” and successfully complete transactions for well informed but largely inexperienced sellers and buyers. There is no greater education than experience, when it comes to understanding all facets of the real estate marketplace and successfully advising clients.

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