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One of my newsletter subscribers told me they're paying more than $200.00 a month for Exclusive Real Estate Agent Leads, which 

exclusive real estate agent leadFill Up Your Leads Pipeline with Affordable, Easy To Implement Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lead Ideas

sounds reasonable if you can afford it; but I dare say agents with limited budgets can't. It's a financial strain for many to pay their bsic monthly dues and fees, let alone paying hundreds of dollars for leads that are overpriced and underperforming. 

I've tried a few lead generation services myself, and bought hundreds of leads, but none of them ever bought a thing!  Nothing - zippo - zilch!

So, I changed tactics and implemented other ways of getting real estate leads and listings, including some of the ideas noted below!

And once I started giving away lots of Freebies, including Real Estate Buyer and Seller Marketing Reports my leads exploded!  Yeah, I know...it defies logic, but giving away things to generate leads works exceedingly well...especially over the Internet.

When marketing real estate online a real estate prospect is like any other Internet shopper.  Most are eager to receive free sample products and information that will meet their needs and voluntarily share their contact information (name and email address) in exchange for the freebie!

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1. How qualified are they? Did they request information, or are you forcing the information? If they requested it they may be highly qualified leads interested in buying or selling property soon, or very soon.

2. If you have a list of leads contact them immediately! If a prospect indicates an interest in your services follow up immediately!

3. Online consumers log onto the Internet expecting immediate gratification. If you don't have an auto responder to provide it you should consider getting one! They're relatively inexpensive and can help you generate exclusive agent leads automatically.

4. Think one lead, one agent. Work hard and show them that you are worthy of consideration as their exclusive agent.

Ten Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lead Tips
To Take Action on This Week!

Here are Ten Ready for Action Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lead ideas that are low cost and easy to implement ! One or two are bound to strike a nerve with you for action today. Here they are.

#1.Go shopping and pick a community with maybe 100 homes and businesses to begin a marketing campaign for the purpose of becoming a go to resource for real estate related information specific to that community. For example... 

  • Information about homes on the market that are for sale, or that have sold
  • The welcoming of new residents and goodbyes to departing ones
  • Announcements of neighborhood events and/or new developments (zoning changes, new commercial developments that might impact the neighborhood,etc. 
  • Sharing of information about how to prepare their homes for sale get maximum dollar for it

 #2. List all the people you know, say about a hundred or so. Send them brief letters, updates and information about the services you provide at regular intervals. Also, ask them for referrals. If they like you and trust the information and services you provide, they'll be happy to refer their friends, family and co-workers to you. 

  • You'll be pleasantly surprised by just how many people you know. While you're at it you might with to set up an autoresponder to have folk respond to so that you can capture their email addresses and get their permission to receive email messages from you. See #8 below for more about this.  

#3. Select a target market and cold call them.  But before you do though know what you want to accomplish.  Have a script on hand and know as much as you can about the people you're calling. Be prepared for rejections, but think of them as opportunities to get past the "nos" in order to get to the "yesses."

#4. Canvas neighborhoods  - go door to door to meet the residents. It is time consuming and labor intensive, but it only takes one lead to make it worth the effort.  

  • I'm an introvert, so if I could do it you can, too; especially when you encounter folk who are good, spirited, happy go lucky people who warm your and put a smile on your face.   

#5. Take advantage of your beauty or barber salon sessions and participate in the chitchat. You know how conversation covers a lot of topics. Be aware of opportunities to offer your services.

  • Be sure to leave plenty of business cards on surfaces when you leave. Of course you'll want to ask for permission to do it, which you can anticipate will be a yes.

#6. Give away as many business cards as you can on a daily basis.   In fact, give them way 3 to 4 cards at a time as often as you can. Business cards sitting in the box that you bought them in are not doing you one bit of good!

#7. Read your local newspaper as often as you can and pick up leads from articles on job promotions, upcoming weddings, baby showers, new babies, etc. While newspaper ads are short-lived they are still a powerful marketing strategy. Perhaps that's why so many people still advertise in them.

#8. Start an Email Marketing campaign. Make a habit to get the email address of everybody you meet, then set them up them in an auto responder and watch your marketing efforts take off like a rocket.

  • This is by far one of the most effective ways to generate real estate leads that are exclusively yours and once yo get the hang of it the leads just keep rolling in, one after another.

#9. Mass mailing letters is also another great way to generate exclusive Real estate Agent Leads. People enjoy receiving and opening letters and with effective opening statements letters can grab their attention and entice them to read and learn more about what you have to say. Consequently, I'm a big advocate of letter writing campaigns.

#10. Host seminars and workshops.  Anecdotally, few agents do, so you'll find that you'll have little competition for the buyer and seller leads you pick up through this strategy. Feature some related professionals as featured presenters and you could have a marquee event that folk will look forward to attending. 

Well, these are ten of my favorite Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lead Ideas.  I hope you enjoyed them and hope that you take action on those that resonate with you. Amplify your marketing starting today and you can change the projected course of your career with these effective and doable ideas!   

Thanks for dropping in. Here's to Your Real Estate Marketing Success! 

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