Finding Acceptance with Bad Credit

by Molly
(Pasco, WA, USA)

When my husband and I started looking for a place to call our own, he had no credit established, and mine was bad. We had a nice lump of cash to put down, and so I didn't think it was going to be hard to find someone who would work with us.

I was wrong, very wrong. Everyone I contacted would give me a denial within 48 hours. I was so bummed.

We were sick of renting, and I was told that it could take up to 7 years before we would be credit worthy of buying a home. I hated that idea and decided to figure something else out. I had heard a little about owner carried contracts and decided to research a bit more.

I found a few people willing to do a contract within my area and any one of them was more than happy to work with our current situation. We found the perfect 3 Bedroom house with horse property, and I had to have it.

We did end up having to pay more than we normally would for a downpayment, but I am just happy that someone was willing to work with us.

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Buy A House With Bad Credit
by: Lanard

Yes, it's possible to buy a home with bad credit. However, a person in this predicament can expect to;

make a larger down payment

pay a higher rate of interest

have a loan that's amortized for fewer years to effect a faster payoff, but with large monthly payments, or

have a loan amortized for a lengthy time to keep the payments reasonably low, but with a a balloon payment in say 4 - 5 years

A key to a person with compromised credit getting financing to purchase a home is total disclosure. They must be willing to give all of the information so that there are few if any surprises along the way.

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