Foreclosure Nation: Mortgaging the American Dream by Shari B. Olefson

by T. Renee Perry

Real estate attorney and educator Shari B.Olefson is a recognized expert in the current mortgage crisis. She uses her expertise on this crisis and its effects on homeowners to explain, in easy-to-understand layman terms, how, even in this dangerously stagnant recession, you can continue moving.

She clarifies legal and financial terminology so that the average American can understand how our country's mortgage system really works. Whether you're buying your first home, having issues with meeting your current mortgage payments or already facing foreclosure this book can provide some encouraging insight and answers.

Olefson offers expert tips, tools, and resources to: help you choose a suitable mortgage professional, decide what mortgage product fits best and when to refinance, how to get the best fees, interest rate, and service, help create your own solutions for navigating the credit crunch, provides you with assistance knowing what to do when you can't afford your mortgage, how to protect your home if you are at risk of foreclosure, understanding how to proceed if you are already in foreclosure, and how to capitalize on emerging opportunities, avoid scams and mortgage fraud.

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