How to Make Money on Foreclosures by Denise Evans

by T. Renee Perry

Foreclosed properties are very versatile in the opportunities of profit gain. They make excellent provisions for a great first home or vacation home. You could chose to put in a little remodeling work, make the house a profitable rental property, or let the property serve as an investment for years to come. No matter the route you chose, you need some helpful literature to guide you in this process. The field of real estate can be confusing and treacherous, prone to failures and scams.

Author, Denise Evans reveals insider tips, strategies and relevant insights critical for anyone who desires to purchase foreclosed properties honorably and fairly and still make a profitable gain. Her focus, to guide you through strategies of how to supplement your income, how to seed out troubled properties and how to eliminate properties that will prove more problem than profit. Evans also included helpful, exclusive worksheets and samples, such as: property evaluators, sample Ads and Flyers, letter templates to potential sellers, checklists for inspections, a potential seller interview sheet, repair expense calculator, referral letter and more more.

Denise L. Evans isn't just another name who desires the title of published author. Evans received her law degree from the University of Alabama Law School, with a concentration in real estate, tax, and finance. During her educational career as a law student, Evans also worked diligently in carving out a successful niche with in real estate field. She served on the Board of Editors for the Journal of the Legal Profession, was Director of the Legal Research Department, clerked with a law firm that had a large real estate practice and published two scholarly articles. A graduate, top of her class, Evans earned the prestigious Henderson M. Somerville Prize.

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