It Didn't Look So Great Online But ....

by Julie Ann
(Macomb, IL USA)

I was really interested in living in the same neighborhood as my parents. We had moved there when I was twelve and it was a great neighborhood to raise children. Unfortunately, the only house for sale that was in my price range did not look at all appealing in the online pictures. I passed it over on my first round of looking at houses.

Nothing else out there fit my standards so my dad convinced me to look at the house. I am glad that he did. The pictures did not do it justice at all. Yes, I renovated the whole place but the floor plan was fantastic and the house just exactly what I was looking for. The lesson learned here is don't take pictures for granted, you need to see it in person because a house can really surprise you! And one of the best things...we live only two blocks away from my parents!

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I'm About 7 Miles Away From Where I Grew Up
by: Lanard

Great post! I live in a community where lots of people live within a few miles from where they grew up...and I'm one of them. Thanx for sharing. Lanard

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