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Congratulations on Your 1st Page Google Ranking
by: Lanard

Hi Zuleta - thanks for your offer, but congratulations are in order right now. In case you don't know it you now have a 1st page Google Ranking from Real Estate Marketing Talk when you Google your name.

Go ahead - Google your name and see for yourself!
Pretty cool - huh?

A way to grow that page rank presence is to do one or several of the following at least once a month;

1) make a comment about some aspect of Fairfax County, VA real estate to your agent directory listing (maybe you sold a listing, got a listing, will be hosting an open house, conducting a home buyer workshop, etc.

2) add listings under homes for sale (no cost)

3) respond to any "question", "add a real estate success story", or contribute a "real estate postcard marketing idea" and include your contact information (phone number, email address and website url) in all of your contributions and develop more links. See the related links on your left.

Finally, you should also add a statement along the lines of "Serving all of Fairfax County, VA" in your submissions. Then when people Google anything related to what you've commented on or submitted your name stands a good chance of popping up then, too.

That's it for now. Take care! Lanard

Thank you!
by: Mabel

Thank you Lanard! I really enjoy living and working in Virginia, it is beautiful!
I appreciate your comments on my site, if I could be of any help in the future let me know :)

Great Website - Fairfax County, VA Rocks
by: Lanard Perry

Hi Mabel - i love your website. The video about Fairfax County is cool; the CNN Newsfeed is a nice feature, too.

I used to work for a company whose corporate office was in Fairfax, Va. I was in Florida at the time (and still am) and didn't go there often, but enjoyed myself when I did. The CEO of the company had a beautiful home that overlooked a river...I think it was the Potomac, but I can't say for sure right now.

Here's to wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Lanard

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