Real Estate Investment Opportunity Article

Real Estate Investment Opportunity Article. Despite a healthy economy there are still plenty of good real Estate Investment Opportunities to be found. 

real estate investment opportunities are all around you

Yes indeed! Market conditions are still good for investors, as the things that make it good for buyers and sellers are the same things that make it ideal for investors, too! 

In some markets sellers are forced to compete for fewer buyers and in some instances are motivated to do whatever it takes to sell their properties, which leads to increased opportunities for creative financing purchases; like lease options, rent to own agreements, exchanges, etc.

But opportunities also abound for investments in Real Estate Tax Liens. Some argue that high-yielding and real estate secured tax lien certificates are superior to other more traditional investments. You can certainly leverage a lot of real estate with relatively little money. 

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Expired Listings As Real Estate Investment Opportunities

expired listing lettersClick To Learn How To Convert Them To New Listings

Farming Expired Listings can also generate investment opportunities for Real Estate Agents. Sometimes owners are willing to sell in a hurry, thereby creating attractive investment opportunities. You can establish relationships with real estate investors to buy some of the homes you list, or potentially line up investors to finance your purchase of them.

Truth be told some listings will never be sold and it's due to  multitude of reasons, and not just price. Sometimes it's about price, but other times it can be the properties are too dated to appeal to mass buyers with old features, like cabinets, roofs, bathrooms, floor coverings, and the like.  Other times it can be that they're in neighborhoods that have fallen out of favor due to newer neighborhoods.  Many of these properties end up on the Expired Listing Carousel, revolving from one agent to another

And it is for these reasons that Agents who Farm Expired Listings can leverage them as buying opportunities for investors they represent, or for themselves with proper disclosure of course to the homeowners. 

My experience with Expired Listings included this scenario and an advantage that I had was that I had a prospect list that not only included buyers looking to purchase homes as residences, but I also had a stable of investors looking for great deals.  So, the short of the story is, the more listings you have the more options you have for leveraging some of them as investment opportunities. 

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