Real Estate Lead Generation Software

by Lanard Perry
(Real Estate Marketing Talk)

Simple, Yet Powerfully Effective!

Simple, Yet Powerfully Effective!

Is your cash flowing out faster than it's coming in? Are you paying more money than you're earning? If so, you can stop the madness and reverse your fortunes by mailing FSBO Letters. It’s a simple low tech Real Estate Lead Generation Software solution that can be more profitable than you might be able to imagine right now!

While mailing letters is simple marketing strategy, you can expect great things. Plus, you can get started without spending a lot of money on hardware or software accessories. In fact, when it comes right down to it, you can get started with what you already have - your computer, and some paper, envelopes and postage for the letters!

Effective Lead Generation Software – Simple But Powerfully Effective!

It needs to be said – and plainly! The potential to generate awesome leads by simply mailing letters is huge! Sourcing FSBOs will enable you to maximize leads, listings and sales and tweak your marketing plan to run like a finely tuned machine, and when made a staple of your real estate marketing plan by pursuing them consistently you can develop a steady, renewable stream of prospects.

Improve Your Business Performance

Successfully growing your business and real estate career starts with having proven lead generation systems, particularly ones that help you

1. identify the right customers
2. build sustainable relationships and
3. manage costs

While this is no small order, sourcing FSBOs can be met on all three fronts. Here’s how!

FSBOs are the right customers!

There always seems to be an abundance of them, including in your community, and they’re easy to source. For example, there are FSBO services that sell their information; they’re advertised in newspapers and in online directories; and you see their signs scattered throughout your community whenever you’re in your car, even when you’re not purposely looking for them. Identifying them and knowing how to contact them is easy!

Building Sustainable Relationships!

Whatever your lead generating strategy happens to be (cold calling, direct mail, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.) it's important to connect with people on a personal level, as people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Similarly, real estate sales are based on the same thing. When clients know, like and trust you they’ll do business with you and if they don’t, they’re likely to turn to an agent they do to help with their real estate transactions. Our FSBO Letter System has follow up communications designed to establish rapport that helps to establish relationships with them.

Managing Costs!

Cost management should necessarily be part of any Real Estate Lead Generation Software that you use. One can easily spend hundreds of dollars (even per month) on software solutions (autoresponders, website programs, buying leads, video marketing, etc.), or they can opt for a one-time, low cost, solution that is simple to do while being highly effective!


Summarily, generating a renewable source of dependable leads doesn’t require expensive Real Estate Lead Generation Software that is complicated to use and sustain. Sometimes, simple and low-cost options can offer the best solutions!

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Here’s to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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