A Real Estate Letter Can Be The Foundation of Your Success

real estate letter

An Introductory Real Estate Letter Can Open Doors for you, and a series of follow-up, informative, problem-solving letters can help you generate more leads and listings, which of course, will then lead to more sales.

Conversely, letter campaigns aren't a magic pill – they don’t necessarily generate quick results.  However, once you start, you can almost be assured of them providing a steady, renewable source of leads.

Nine Reasons Why Real Estate Letters Work

  1. A Real Estate Letter is an effective way to introduce yourself as a new agent and target specific buyers. Since they are a one-on-one way of communicating, it's easy you go through your database and identify prospects to send letters to – people you know, FSBOs, Expired Listings, Investors, Renters, etc. Some services provide information you don't already have.

  2. A Pre-written Real Estate Letter can easily be personalized to specifically address each recipient's individualized needs and wants.

  3. People still enjoy receiving helpful information by mail and opening letters. With an effective opening statement, letters will grab their attention and entice them to read and learn more. 

  4. A Real Estate Letter is a subtle way to bring up problems and offer solutions.  If you know about a specific real estate problem your customers are experiencing,  mailing them a letter that addresses the problem head-on with practical solutions is a great way to generate leads. 

  5. A Real Estate Letter can warm up prospects and prepare them for telephone solicitation calls. They are an effective way to introduce products and services to people that need to be made aware of your business and can tweak their interest by showing them how they can benefit from what you offer. A follow-up phone call could seal the deal.

  6. Real Estate Agent Letters are a discreet way to advertise, as they allow people to make their own decisions to learn as much or as little as they want to about your products or services.

  7. Letters are a perfect way to elicit immediate action. You can quickly tell your reader to act by ending your letter with a strong statement, such as: Pick Up the Phone and Call Now! or Tear Off the Order Form and Send It in Today!

  8. Letters are measurable and can provide instant feedback. You can quickly gauge their effectiveness with a solid call to action.

  9. Finally, letters are reusable. You can create one letter and mail it to your entire database of prospects and customers. With mail merge capabilities, you can personalize each letter with the name of the person you're sending letters to.

Putting Real Estate Letters To Work

No matter how you look at it, letters are a valuable part of every business, real world and online.  And getting started is easy!

To begin, set up a database with all your customer information. You'll want to include their name, address, phone number, email address, and perhaps what they have previously listed, rented, or sold.  There is no need to get overly sophisticated; you can use Word, Excel, or a number of contact managers that will help you streamline the process and sort the information into specific fields. 

Next, start collecting the names and addresses of potential prospects. Save all business cards you receive and consider lead-generating ideas that will entice people to give you their name and address so that you can repeat market to them about your listings, products, and services. Ideas for what to offer in exchange for their information include giving away free products, offering a free white paper newsletter, and even holding a sweepstake, game, or contest. 

Here are some of the letters we offer

Expired Listing LettersExpired Listing Letters
FSBO LettersFSBO Letters
Power Real Estate LettersPower Real Estate Letters

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Summarily, mailing real estate letters is an effective way to keep in touch with prospects and customers; past, current, and future - and continues to be one of the best ways to promote your services while building your business consistently.

Happy Prospecting!

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