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Real Estate Press Release Leads. Although many agents don’t take advantage of them, press releases can be a way to build your brand,

real estate press realease leads

and advertising your business while highlighting listings, sales, community involvement, updates about your company, etc. 

A successful real estate press release can reflect your business approach, company philosophy and whether you are friendly, reputable, trustworthy and dependable.  It can say a whole lot about you in a few sentences.

But a press release is not magical. Instead, it’s actually a serious campaign constructed in a way to result in a desired and specific outcome - more leads and sales!

Realtors, agents and companies put out press releases in varying forms, typically projecting a positive image of the agent, or company.  Such is the case of the company Cendant wherein touted in that one of their press releases that were able to gather valid leads of up to two hundred thousand which they were able to amply distribute to their real estate agents.

They also explained the process of how they came up with the numbers and how competitive the lead generating system that they are using is, thus making them able to keep up with the market. 

Three Services To Consider for
Real Estate Press Release Leads

When utilizing Press Release Services there is no guarantee of miraculous results. In fact, the only thing that you can be sure of is that it will inform readers of it is what you, as a real estate company, or agent, can do for them with regard to their real estate needs - selling properties, finding real estate investment properties, leasing real estate, repurposing current real estate assets, etc... and that in and of itself can be priceless!

Following are three companies for consideration that are affordably priced that can help you reach a large targeted audience that might be otherwise unavailable to you via your other marketing channels. 

One. – PR Newswire is the authoritative source of news and information for leading businesses and organizations and is the heavyweight of Press Release Distribution website services.  With a global ranking of 3,111 and a behemoth 50,000 links to its site is a press release distribution juggernaut.

While you might think that national exposure for little old you at your local level could be beneficial think again.  Its services could help you establish a substantial online presence pronto!  Here’s how:

  • It has the world's largest network. It distributes to more than 200,000 media points and 10,000 Websites, offering the most ways to reach your audience online and off.  
  • It pioneered the industry and has been in business for more than 60 years and has supported thousands of the world's leading organizations from Microsoft to Pepsi. Why shouldn’t you be next?

Two. – PR  has a global ranking of 16,000 and an impressive 6,885 sites linking to it as of the time of this writing (2/1/14).  Distribution channels include Google News, Bing News, Major Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.), News RSS Subscriber Databases, End User Media Subscribers and Premium Websites like Boston Globe and Miami Herald. You can sign up for a Free Account and Press Release Packages range from $30 to $100.00.  Want instant exposure?  Do a local and National PR Release!

Three. – In addition to getting your announcement into Google News and out to social media, press releases on PR Underground are also syndicated to 100 regional news sites including, International Business Times,,, Restaurant News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,, and the Miami Herald. 

What I also like about PRUnderground is that they offer guidance on...

  1. How To Write Effective Press Release Headlines and how to fix mistakes when yo make them. 
  2. How To Create Your Online Newsroom and What That Might Mean for Your Business
  3. Creative Tips on Creating Your Social Media Press Releases

And the cost?  Prices start at $49.00. Click here to learn more about them.

Final Thoughts

Summarily, real estate press releases offer ways to receive great publicity that many agents simply don’t take advantage of.  Are you a volunteer at your child’s school – work it into a press release angle.  Volunteer as a youth league coach – work it into a press release, too. And at a local level you can get them for free!

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