Stop Foreclosure Now: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Home and Your Credit

by T. Renee Perry

With the recent housing crisis and what seems like no relief in sight anytime soon, having knowledge of real estate (foreclosures in particular) is an opportunity that seems to be in the best interest of most Americans.

Foreclosures are affecting all kinds of people, across every type of property. For many, facing possible foreclosure is a helpless situation for which there is no saving grace. In fact, most that are faced with having to foreclose their homes don't even attempt to try and save them – and you can!

With the right advice, you can take control of the situation, avoid foreclosure and possibly protect your credit as well. Lloyd Segal, real estate investor, mortgage banker and attorney, gives you the tools to do just that.

In this timely and indispensable guide, voted a top 5 star rating by Amazon customers, Segal provides readers how to: develop a plan to delay or stop foreclosure, understand the documents involved, negotiate with the lender, use the courts to stop foreclosure and bankruptcy, arrange refinancing, sell the property quickly, use military status to stop foreclosure and understand foreclosure laws in all 50 states.

This guide will help anyone survive the housing crisis and preserve their most important investment and comforts of home.

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