Top Ten Ways to Write an
Effective Real Estate Letter

This article is a tongue in cheek approach to the very serious business of writing and mailing letters, which when done right can generate substantial business success - leads, listings and sales.

Top Ten Ways To Write An Effective Real Estate Letter

If followed you can become as good at writing letters as anybody else, but the gist of the article is this; why waste time trying to write and perfect marketing letters when there are bundles of pre-written ones readily for purchase, download and immediate use?

Think about your answer as you read the article!  Enjoy!

1. Grab an aspirin and a glass of water. You're going to need it. Blank screens cause "white blindness" and generate temple throbbing headaches - you could end up needing two aspirins if you're not careful.

2. Fix a sandwich while you're in the kitchen getting a glass of water for the aspirin. You're going to be parked at your computer writing a letter for a while. Chances are you're going to get a little lunchy, so you might as well fix a snack before you get started.

3. Don't forget to turn on the tv before you settle in at your desk. That way you can avoid the distraction of having to get up later to turn it on. Plus, you're going to want...make that need... a small break after about twenty minutes or so of writing, so you might as well set things up before you start.

4. Next, make sure that you have the tv remote near hand. Your favorite tv show will come on while you're writing/typing and you know you're not going to want get up and walk the six feet to the tv set to change the channel when you start scanning for something interesting to watch.

5. Spend a few minutes getting your desk organized. Even though you're writing the letter on your computer the best way to start anything is with an organized work space. So, go ahead and organize your work area before you get started.

6. Actually, you're going to be a little hungry before you start. So, you might as well eat that sandwich you fixed so that you don't have to worry about accidentally putting your elbow in it while sitting at your desk. Wash it down with the glass of water that you got to take the aspirin with and take the dishes to the kitchen. Again, you want to make sure that your work space is uncrowded with unnecessary things like dishes.

7. Oops, you forgot to call "John, Mary, Sue...whoever...somebody." Whoever it is you need to call them now. There's nothing as effective as breaking a letter writing groove than a 5 minute call that turns into a half hour. Call now and you can avoid an interruption later.

8. Okay, now it's time to get serious again. Go back to your computer and turn it. Open up a blank document next and you're finally ready to actually start writing.

9. Next, decide on what it is you want to say. Think hard...think real hard. You're a naturally gifted talker and can sell ice cream in a snowstorm, but can you write a good letter? Thoughts not flowing? Maybe you need another snack.

10. Ah what the heck. Letter writing isn't all that it's cracked up to's just as easy to go online and buy some pre-written real estate letters. Then, spend a few minutes personalizing them with your personal information; name, address, phone number and that sort of thing and print and mail them. And oh, by the way...this is the tenth and final of the Top Ten Ways to Write An Effective Real Estate Letter.

The End!

Prewritten Real Estate Letters Are Perfect For Fast Start Letter Marketing Campaigns! 

Now, for a serious question. "Why waste time trying to write and perfect real estate marketing letters when you can buy proven effective ones" for relatively little cost with NO RISK that are ready for immeditae use?

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That's It For Now. Happy Prospecting!
Lanard Perry

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