What will disqualify you from getting your realestate license?

i have a friend that wants to get her real estate license, but she has a felony. Will that disqualify her?

Some states automatically bar people with felonies from getting real estate licenses. However, at the same time many have steps in place to grant exceptions. In part they look at what the felony conviction was related to, how long a go the offense occurred, etc.

Personally, I know a couple of people with felony convictions who retained their real estate license after being adjudicated and found guilty of felony offenses, so it is possible.

So, getting a license with a felony is possible. However, perhaps the most important thing for your friend as she applies for a license is to be honest about it. Nothing will get her disbarred faster than getting licensed based on lies. So, she should tell the truth and hold nothing back as she goes through the process.

For a more definitive response she should call, then write her state real estate commission and ask. They'll be able to tell her what her state's position is regarding this issue and whether or not she'll be able to get licensed.

She can do this by Googling it. For example, if she lives in Florida she can find it by searching "Florida Real Estate Commission".

If she lives in Georgia she can replace Georgia with Florida and search "Georgia Real Estate Commission."

So, whatever her state is she should use it in the search strand.

Good luck to your friend and here's to her Real Estate Marketing Success.


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