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Email Marketing Leads

Although buying Email Marketing Leads can generate viable prospects in the short term, I'm a big advocate of cultivating your own for sustainability and term success. 

I've been using email to market my products and services for eighteen years now and have tried it all; generating leads by Pay Per Click, Pay for Lead, purchasing Bulk Email Lists, etc.  

However, nothing worked well until I engaged in content marketing. It generated lots of leads and a substantially responsive mailing list. If it can work for me it can work for you, too.

Following is Some Information To Help You Become well informed on the subject. 

Most marketers do not collect the majority of their email records on their web site.

 58% of marketers estimate that they acquire one-quarter or less of their email subscribers on their site. Only 21% say three-quarters or more are collected there.  So if marketers are not collecting email addresses through their web sites, where are the addresses coming from? 

5 Non-Email Factors that Impact the Success of your Email Marketing

Many successful brands have very clever email campaigns that get poor results. Why? Marketers are often guilty of short-sightedness: they consider only the email message.

While the creative and copy are of primary importance, other factors influence the success or failure of a campaign.

For email marketing to be successful, establish best practices early, and constantly optimize to achieve the best results.

6 Non-Traditional Places to Collect Email Addresses 

Before you send out your next email marketing campaign, consider some non-traditional sources to collect new email addresses. Think about where your customer presence is strongest and reach out to make contact and build your email list.

That may mean collecting email addresses at conferences, or retail checkout, using social media, or converting snail mail recipients to email opt-ins. Perhaps your more significant, better email list builder might be a smartphone app.

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