Expired Real Estate

by Lanard Perry

I started Farming Expired Real Estate Listings because I stunk at "cold calling". Well, that's not exactly right, but I hated it so much it never felt like I was any good at it.

So I started exploring other options. For example, I canvassed neighborhoods by going door to door, but hated that almost as much as I did "cold calling".

And even though I disliked doing it I understood the importance of it. Specifically, I needed some listing prospects that would then generate buyer leads; and what better place to find listing prospects than in their homes?

But like I already said...I didn't like door to door canvassing too much either and that's how I stumbled into direct mail campaigns writing letters to owners of Expired Real Estate Listings.

And it was a perfect fit right from the start. It was easy to do, enjoyable to do and in terms of effectiveness exceeded my expectations.

At times I was sending upwards 30 letters a day to owners of Expired Listings, knowing that they had the potential to market my services 24/7 for as long as they stayed in the owners homes, as opposed to cold calls that would be forgotten before I had a chance to hang up the phone.

Working Expired Real Estate is a "no brainer" that every agent should be doing...and I can almost say the same thing for buyers and investors!

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