I'm a Broker; Please teach me how to...

by Dr. Bob Burkett
(Bloomington, IN (USA))

Yes, I am experiencing the same "down market" condition as you did and my listings are at the lowest they have ever been and I'm not able to know how to get more listings and I'm not getting showings nor closings!

Please teach me how to:
1. Get referrals from previous clients
2. The daily work routine of a successful realtor
3. How to get listings from FSBOS. EXPIREDS, WITHDRAWNS
4. How to get Realtors to attend Brokers Open Houses
5. How to get Buyers to attend my Open Houses
6. Effective real estate marketing designs
7. Effective real estate brochure designes
8. Effective real estate agent activities
9. What local organizations I should belong to in order
to get listing and buyer clients and referrals from
other members of the organizatioins

Thanks so very, very much!

Dr. Bob Burkett, Broker / Owner
568 Crimson Court
Bloomington, IN 47403
Phone: 812 825-4646
FAX: 812 825-4645
Email: bburkett@homefinder.org

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