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Respected Sir,

We are an established Real Estate Agency in our country - Mauritius - commonly as the pearl of Indian Ocean indeed it is actually heaven on earth.

Many people do invest in our Mauritius foremost for business purposes and most importantly for retirement cum business.

Economically, Mauritius is actually a business hub merging Asia - Africa to European countries and US.

All financial services - banks, insurance, leasing.... are at the disposal of all business seekers. Politics is very stable. Indeed our Prime Minister has been awarded the best political leader in East Africa more recently in December 2010.

Communication is very reliable. Internet and Intranet is easily accessible.

Climatic conditions, being Mauritius is a tropical country, are just superb. We are free from heavy rain, drought, snow, floods or even tsunami. It is only and only Sea, Sand and Sun.

However, we have in our portfolio, files and business opportunities for your esteemed potential clients.

We wish to propose you that we work together on a mutual terms and conditions.

We shall be grateful if you could reception of our proposition. ( )

We are eager to hear from very soon.

Please accept our sincere gratitude in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Immo Forum Ltd

Rose Hill Australia Real Estate
by: Anonymous

Amarjit - I Googled Rose Hill Australia and learned the following about it. It has approximately 6,700 dwellings that are classified as houses and apartments. House values average approximately $425,000 and apartments run approximately $289,000 on average.

Rose Hill is approximately 23 kilometres west of Sydney and is surrounded by suburbs like Silverwater, Auburn, Auburn South, and Harris Park.

I got my information from this site.

Please share more about your city. Why do people choose to live there? What's the appeal? Are jobs plentiful?

After you've done that please feel free to advertise a few of your listings right here at no cost. The more you advertise the more potential buyers you'll get.

Thanx, and here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success! Lanard

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