Integrity with Sincerity-TANDA REAL ESTATE

by Dr Amarjit Tanda
(Rose Hill NSW Australia)

TANDA REAL ESTATE - We are the Professional Award Winner & Community Award Winner 2009, 2010 and having excellent expertise in selling or the management of your property. It is that simple!

Professionalism, integrity , sincerity, reliability and confidence. The qualities that come with fair and honest business practice. This is the reputation enjoyed by TANDA REAL ESTATE (Lic No.1536511) with 17 yrs in this industry.

Selling your property can be a combination of emotional and hard financial decisions. Using a qualified local agent is the first step towards obtaining the right balance.

Your TANDA REAL ESTATE agent can give you an accurate picture of the market, which will help you price your property realistically. They can advise you on the best way to sell your property and will develop a detailed marketing plan for you.

When selling TANDA REAL ESTATE agent what they think a buyer for your property will be looking for. Seek their advice on improvements you could make to increase the chances of a successful sale. Your TANDA REAL ESTATE agent is your partner in the selling process, someone with the knowledge and expertise to make the experience work for you.

I am highly educated with MSc & Ph D. Degrees and with a Diploma in REAL ESTATE from Industry Training Consultants, DANGAR NSW with Distinction.I have also worked in various Institutes of Australia eg., CSIRO, North Ryde and University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury, Richmond.

I am also well trained in REAL ESTATE and have worked with other REAL ESTATE companies of Australia eg. LJ HOOKER, RAY WHITE etc.

We provide with high quality and high standard service in REAL ESTATE in accord to the Australian Standards.

So, I would greatly appreciate if you call me now on 02 9682 3030 or Mob; 0417271147 to deliver a seminar/ lecture to your members at your convenient time to discuss the tips of REAL ESTATE and how to make maximum returns even after retirement.

Thank you for choosing TANDA REAL ESTATE.

Dr.Amarjit Tanda
Principal & Managing Director

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