Real Estate Leads Via Lockboxes

real estate lockbox leads

Most Agents Think of Real Estate Leads Via Lockboxes as a one and done event device, but they are potentially way more encompassing than that.  However, the full scope of their lead generating capacity isn’t readily apparent. Consequently, they’re relegated to being the box that holds the key to get into the house.

Here’s the basic understanding real estate leads via lockboxes:

  • they help to safeguard a home-owners safety and security, as only licensed agents and their attendant clients have access to the properties.  Additionally, the identities and contact information of the agents are readily available for review.

  • agents and potential buyers have easier and almost unimpeded access to properties on lockboxes.  They can show them almost at will, subject to reasonable expectations of course, like calling in advance, avoiding the showing of homes around dinner time, etc.

  • properties on lockboxes can be shown even when the homeowners are away on vacation, visiting in another city, or have moved out of the home already.  Because of the lockbox, the seller's presence becomes voluntary and not a requirement when selling homes.

And, in the usual course of things you would...

  • Follow up with every agent who showed your listings to find out what they thought about the property

  • Follow up with agents to find out what their client buyer prospects thought of the homes

  • Follow up to see if there's anything that you or the home owner can do to incentivize the buyer to submit an offer 

You would do those things, right?  Of course you would...and the more diligent you are in doing them the better you'll be able to refine your marketing strategies to get the properties sold. 

Real Estate Leads Via Lockboxes Are Abandoned By Most Agents

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s look at the subtleties overlooked to amplify your understanding of its promise as a powerful lead generator. I’ll do it by posing a couple of questions.  

Do you make it a point to send notices of new listings to agents who show your properties?  You should… and for many reasons.  First, the communications will over a period of time make you comfortably familiar to the agents – and agents are like customers, they do business with people they know, like and trust. Consequently, they’ll be apt to respond favorably to your email messages, texts, flyers and other forms of marketing communications.

Do you market current listings to agents who have shown your listings in the past? If not, you should. The more you follow up with agents who show your listings the more likely you are to make a sale. Repetitive marketing is fundamental to real estate sales and the more you lead agents, and buyers, to your listings the sooner they’ll by something.

Take More Control of the Opportunities

In closing, I encourage you to stop thinking of lockbox showings as a "one and done" occurrence.  Instead, think of them as leads that are still viable until you have 1) sold the listing 2) and the agents who show your properties have sold something to the clients who viewed your properties. 

In simples words, think of their clients as your clients as long as they are working with them.

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That’s it for now.  Call me if you have any questions. Here’s to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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